Three Steps to Getting More Leads for Your Accounting Firm

Finding leads may seem an easy feat, but getting quality leads requires double the work.

Most accounting firms rely on good ol’ referrals to get new clients. What some fail to realize is the potential of getting more quality leads through digital. As businesses become more attuned to digital channels, competition for accounting and bookkeeping also skyrockets.

Considering the digital transformation, how can your accounting firm get leads that actually convert?

Let’s start with three steps: attract, qualify, and communicate.

    1. Attract leads

Active and passive lead generation are two ways to attract more leads. Active lead generation is when you reach out to potential clients through outbound practices, such as email and direct calls. Passive lead generation, on the other hand, involves social media, content marketing, paid ads, and SEO for accounting firms.

Your success lies in combining both strategies to get more leads for your accounting firm. For instance, your content marketing strategy can involve emails to send valuable information to potential leads. Think of different ways to maximize both approaches so you can attract more leads to your firm.

    1. Qualify

Not all leads merit your attention. Some of them may be interested in working with your accounting firm, but may not be a good fit for your business.

This is why you need to determine whether a lead is worth talking to, and this is a process called “qualifying.”

Qualifying your leads allow you to identify who to start contacting. You can start by asking:

    • Do they have a genuine need for your accounting service?
    • Are they the decision-maker of the company?
    • Are they ready to start working with you?
    • Do they have an allotted budget for accountancy services?

Qualified leads are those who answer positively to every question. This will also help you determine who is hot, warm, or cold, so you can prioritize who to contact and further nurture the relationship.

    1. Communicate

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One thing you need to understand about lead generation is not everyone will convert to be your clients. Only a small percentage of leads in your pipeline are likely to close immediately. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be leaving those leads who didn’t convert.

This is where consistent communication comes in.

Initiating contact with your prospects allows you to stay on top of their minds until they’re ready to hire you as their accountant. However, communicating with them is about having the right message and providing valuable content.

Send them emails with content that will answer the common questions of your prospects. For example, industry explainers and infographics, which are great sources of information to educate prospects and build desire to work with you.

IMPORTANT: Use email marketing automation tools so you can simply set email sequences tied with the goal you want for prospects.

Ready to Get More Leads for Your Accounting Firm?

Maximize every channel to grow your accounting firm’s client base. The more you experiment with different digital marketing strategies, the more leads you can get and the more you can convert to become loyal clients.

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