The Impact of Cloud Computing on Sales Teams

When talking about cloud computing for businesses, some people think its extent only goes as far as storing important information in off-site servers. So that when a company’s office is unable to operate for whatever reason, employees only need to relocate to another facility and they will be able to continue on with their tasks by accessing data via the cloud.

But, cloud-based business intelligence solutions have already come a long way. In fact, cloud computing is now being used to help sales teams become more effective. So, if you are looking for ways to optimize your sales department, check out the reasons that make cloud-based software your perfect tool.

Easier access to data

There are many advantages to being able to access pertinent data while you are with a client pitching or closing a sale. Back then, salespeople had to rely on brochures and pamphlets to inform their clients about their products. The problem with these sales kits, however, is that they cannot answer queries related to things that are not provided for in the materials.

Sure, it is the salesperson’s job to provide the answers, but it is much more effective if they can easily show the client visuals related to their queries. For example, if the client asks for more samples, the salesperson can just take out a tablet, access the company’s cloud storage, and show the items the client wants to see.

More efficient processes

cloud services

Another advantage of cloud computing is that your sales team will have an easier time managing clients and processing transactions. Back then, every time a salesperson closes a sale, they will have to inform the office about it first so that the accounting department or the head of sales can process a purchase order. It takes some time before the client’s purchased items reach their place of business because of the lengthy process of organizing the delivery of the products.

With the help of the cloud, a salesperson can immediately inform the company of a sale so that a purchase order can be processed quickly. This way, it takes less time to organize the shipping and in turn, the client gets the products sooner.

More effective customer service

Cloud-based business solutions have also made customer service much more effective, efficient, and swift. Using the cloud, clients can better track their products, as these are being shipped to their location. Also, when a client is not satisfied with an item, they can immediately inform the company and ask for either an exchange or a refund.

On top of that, your sales department can provide better service by accessing pertinent information about clients. Whenever they are on the field talking to clients, they can simply pull up any information they need. This helps salespeople give clients what they really need.

Cloud computing has indeed changed the way people work and the way companies run. So, if you still have not turned to cloud-based solutions for your business, it is about time that you do so. 

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