Left or Right, You Need Adequate Protection

Political division has ravaged the country, and both sides have their own electronic boogeymen — whether make-believe or blatantly real. The Left has Russian hackers and bots, while the Right has unjust censorship and banning by social media platforms and even payment providers. Whatever side you’re on, you need adequate IT or information technology solutions to keep your data safe and preserve your online content.

Hackers Everywhere

If your company or organization maintains any connection to the internet, you are vulnerable to hackers. Even Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, was targeted and successfully hacked by alleged Russian hackers. Foreign hackers, particularly those from China and Russia, will often target companies and organizations to gain intelligence or disrupt operations. Certain spyware can redirect or forward data to another location. This spyware often remains unnoticed for months on end, giving foreign countries valuable information on targeted companies or political organizations. However, not all hacks are political. Hackers can be motivated by profit, targeting companies to sell their secrets and giving their competitors an edge. IT solution professionals can monitor activity on your websites or physical servers and computers through highly adaptive software. This can minimize or eliminate outside threats that can wreak havoc on your company or your organization.

Archive Everything


When YouTube bans you, all your previous content on that site will be inaccessible and will probably get deleted. YouTube, and its parent company, Google, has shown deep bias against conservative views. Apple has done the same thing, deplatforming conservative voices that they deem to be harmful. The content you post online should always have a backup copy. Cloud storage? Not when Apple and Google own the platforms you use. If you can’t store your content in your servers or computers, you should consider employing an IT company to manage and backup your online data. This keeps your data safe from the control of big tech.

Get Rid of Bots

The media overplays the power of bots to affect elections and to change minds. However, bots are still irritating, and having them in your comment sections or message boards makes your sites unappealing. Bots mimic the actions of actual people based on a set of algorithms. They can repost, like or dislike, and even post generic comments. Most bots are automated programs, but people can also be behind them in the form of click farms or paid mobs. These people will often have dozens of accounts that interact with one another to push an agenda or spark outrage. Automated bots can easily be detected and stopped, but those run by actual people will take a little more effort and expertise. The Covington Catholic School controversy is an excellent example of a fake account that interacted with bots to push a particular agenda. Employing an IT company can minimize your interactions with these unwanted programs or individuals and make your site appear more legitimate.

Online dangers are everywhere, whether it’s from hackers, bots, or big tech themselves. Protect your data, privacy, and reputation by employing a legitimate IT company to help you with your online affairs.

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