Can You Patent Different Software Solutions?

In the YouTube video “Can You Patent Software?”, Marinus, a technology patent attorney, takes a deep dive into the history and nuances surrounding the protection of software, unraveling the abstract and intangible nature of this essential technological realm. With a keen focus on legal perspectives, he delves into past court cases, notably in Europe and the US, that have shaped the landscape for safeguarding machines and manufacturing articles.

Despite the intricacies of software being abstract and complex, Marinus argues persuasively that its essence can be comprehended and, more importantly, patented. Drawing examples like “mooi die” and “cadeaubonnen,” he illustrates the tangible nature of software innovations that can be legally protected.

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The speaker underscores the critical need for inventors to secure their software inventions to prevent unauthorized exploitation, emphasizing the essence of intellectual property protection in this rapidly evolving technological era.

Furthermore, Marinus explores specific instances, such as a portable text search program, and advocates for its patentability, citing the intricate processes of machine learning and feedback creation embedded within. The discussion extends to artificial intelligence software programs, acknowledging their indispensable role in the contemporary world and proposing avenues for their patent protection.

Overall, the video traverses the intricate realms of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the patentability of software, substantiating the argument that certain facets of software merit legal protection through the patenting process. Marinus adeptly navigates these complex topics, offering a comprehensive understanding for viewers eager to comprehend the legal landscape surrounding software innovations.


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