Top Benefits of Using NFC Tags

NFC tags are tiny stickers that could either be round or square, that connect to your NFC enabled device. They store essential data that you can retrieve using your smartphone or tablet. The NFC tags also allow for data transfers between devices that are NFC enabled. Whenever you’ll require to order NFC tags, ensure that you pick one that has a high memory capacity so that you store as much information as possible. By locking your NFC tags, you’ll be sure that the data you’ve placed in there is safe and just accessible by you.

For the tags to work, you’ll require tapping them with any NFC enabled device or have the device very close to the NFC tag for it to take instructions. That aside, here are the things NFC tags will do for you:

Waking You Up

After setting the alarm, place the tag in any of the rooms especially in the room that you visit first after waking up. After the alarm goes off, there will be no way of disabling it unless you tap it on the tag. So, you will have to walk to the NFC tag which will give you no chance of you going back to sleep.

Giving You Directions

You can stick the NFC tag on your car then encode it so that it can load the Google Maps. When in your vehicle, only tap on the tag to activate it. The NFC tag will then give you the google maps with the best routes to follow.

Sharing Wi-Fi

Cramming Wi-Fi passwords and trying to retrieve them from your memory each time someone needs to share your Wi-Fi can be hectic. With a good NFC tag, you can store the Wi-Fi passwords once on the NFC tag, and it automatically connects all devices around you that share the same NFC ID.

Phones with NFC

Unlocking Doors

This application will require you to use a smart lock with an NFC sticker. You can place these NFC stickers on your doors. You, however, will need an NFC enabled device, send a toggle command to the smart lock to unlock your door.

Turning Your PC On

There are mobile applications you might need to purchase for the NFC tag to turn on your PC, but they are well worth it. These apps should be a part of your PC startup. Using this application of these NFC tags only requires that you tap the PC to turn it on.

Promoting Your Business

Businesses can use NFC tags on their advertisement flyers. The tag gets you a map layout to this client’s location once they scan it. Do this to save the customer’s time which he could have used trying to find out your business’ location.

Though NFC tags are a relatively new concept, soon enough, most industries are already embracing this smart technology. As the different applications of these tags grow, everyone will be on the rush to order NFC tags for any of their purposes. That could be turning houses into smart homes, making your vehicle intelligent or promoting your business. You have unlimited options when it comes to NFC tag applications.

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