Top 5 Calendar Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Calendar apps are easier to change and edit, unlike conventional paper calendars, allowing you to schedule appointments and meetings at one tap away. These apps can be a life-saver, allowing you to manage all events you need to keep on top of with ease — no matter how busy you are.

These digital calendars work best with other applications such as a company directory or an email program app, streamlining your workflow, improving productivity, and generally making things a bit — easier.

Here are the best calendar apps that can help you stay organized.

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Google Calendar

Google calendar allows you to make several calendars in one place using your Google account — for free. Plus, it lets you port the entries you’ve made to other online calendars. You can connect this calendar app with business apps and other services like Trello or Asana. When using Google calendar for an organization, it allows you to check your coworkers’ schedules alongside your own. Google calendar has no desktop app, but its web app and mobile app available on Android and iOS are more than enough to keep anyone’s schedules organized and straight. is available on any mobile or desktop and platforms, but many use it for phone use more thanks to its smooth and easy-to-use interface, giving you all the necessary tools and data on one compact screen. This calendar app can easily connect to other existing apps, allowing you to import scheduled events while color-coding different calendars and events to keep everything in order. It’s a simple app that can help anyone keep meetings and appointments organized.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

If you use Windows 10 daily, Microsoft’s own Outlook Calendar is the best calendar app to consider. The app closely integrates into Windows 10, using the same Microsoft you use for Windows, meaning all contacts, events, and schedules should be waiting for you in the app. Despite being made for Microsoft, the calendar app is available for Android and iOS. Finally, if you’re already using a different calendar app but want to try this one out, it allows you to import your dates and events directly into its system.


Thunderbird is originally an email app, but it also doubles as an excellent digital calendar. Its calendar tab allows you to get an overview of everything on your schedule for the day, even when you’ve paged forward through the months to plan events for the future. It uses a uniquely convenient search function with time filters and built-in categories for occasions like birthdays or essential calls. This calendar app is the best option for Linux years that want a calendar running natively.


If you’re an avid user of Apple devices or a massive fan of the brand, from MacBooks to iPhones, then Fantastical is the ideal calendar app for you. Fantastical has an app for every Apple product to date and has been exclusively built to support macOS. Plus, Fantastical syncs seamlessly between your devices, making it the most practical calendar app for Apple fanatics. It lets you quickly and conveniently set up appointments and events while seeing if your coworkers are available for meetings through Google Apps or Exchange.

The ideal calendar application for you will depend on your specific preferences and lifestyle. However, any of the calendar apps mentioned can address various needs, making your life easier and more organized — allowing you to achieve more and do more.

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