The Case for Paper Storage in a Paperless World

Any workplace today needs a secure room for storage After all, where else would you organize and store important documents and valuable items? A proper storage room ensures that company property is kept in a secure area and easily tracked and maintained. We all know how chaotic it can be to keep track of all the documents. You don’t want your sensitive data to get mixed up with invoices and receipts.

Some things never go out of fashion

This should be a no-brainer, but if you still haven’t fully understood the need for a secure room, allow me to explain why you need one. Secure storage for your tangible and intangible assets offers many benefits to both the individual and the institution. We live in an age where more and more information is circulated and spread over the internet.

However, much sensitive information is still printed on old-fashioned paper, usually as a precautionary measure. Knowing the importance of secure rooms helps individuals, organizations, and businesses guard themselves against liabilities that may arise from the loss and theft of important information.

Preventing document theft

Instead of having your important documents sitting on your office table in plain sight, store them instead in a locker in a secure room. The secure room will prevent threat actors from swiping your important documents from your home or office.

Some documents contain valuable information necessary for maintaining your security and prosperity. You may also have inherently valuable papers, such as treasury notes and documents of historical importance. Thieves and intruders may sell your documents to your enemies and competitors.

Some documents aren’t valuable but hold sentimental value for you. Or maybe you need to keep your identification and licenses under lock and key. While many intruders may not necessarily target these kinds of documents, they may still inadvertently steal them during a break-in. The loss of these documents can only add to your stress and grief.

Just make sure you have the right cooling and ventilation systems for your documents. Paper is susceptible to mold and moisture, and investing in data center air-conditioning systems should help with internal climate control.

Protecting proprietary information

file binders

Many businesses keep all manner of sensitive or confidential proprietary information and data on paper. Their continued success hinges on the fact that these documents should be kept under lock and key. Secure rooms protect vital business information, customer data, and other confidential information from threat actors.

You also have to consider that some dangers may come from within the office. Displeased employees and double agents may try to steal company secrets and sell them to your competitors. Corporate espionage is a fact of life in the world of business.

Maintaining organizational privacy

For-profit companies are not the only institutions that have sensitive information to protect. Non-profit organizations, charities, among others, also need privacy. For instance, academics have to keep their valuable research secure to avoid loss of years of effort. Some organizations would also want to keep donor and fundraising data out of the hands of competing entities.

Preserving customer privacy

Many fields and industries find it extremely important to protect the privacy of their clients. Clinics and hospitals maintain confidential files on their patients, law offices hold them for their clients, and businesses have extensive records about their customers. These documents often contain sensitive information about people who have no say on how these documents are managed and controlled.

The continued existence of organizations and businesses largely depends on their ability to store and maintain proprietary information safely and efficiently. Leaks are becoming more common today, and you wouldn’t want a seven-figure contract being nixed because one or two documents were misplaced, or worse, stolen.

The bottom line

Most businesses today possess documents that contain sensitive and confidential information that can be very damaging if they get lost, or worse, fall into the wrong hands. Data is the world’s most valuable resource, and threat actors work round the clock to steal valuable information. One of the best ways to organize and secure your belongings is to store them in a secure room.

There are many reasons why having a secure room is one of the best decisions a company can make. Your data is what makes your business valuable, and you need to take steps to protect it from theft and espionage. However, not all secure rooms are designed the same, and people have varying needs when it comes to storage.

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