Five Ways Targeted Ads Can Be Helpful for Consumers Online

Targeting audiences in digital marketing has raised so many concerns. This mainly involves privacy which is very important for internet users. Despite the growing privacy concerns, digital marketers still think that targeted ads are the most viable option for digital marketing. Its ability to bring in revenue to businesses is still unmatched.

The effectiveness of targeted ads has pushed the boundaries of marketing. Marketing needed to adapt to the digital era, which they came up with. While many deem targeted ads as problematic, they still have some advantages. These advantages pertain to the ones targeted ads can bring to consumers.

Targeted ads aren’t always negative. They can also have positive impacts on their targeted audiences. Here are ways targeted ads can be beneficial for people.

Gives customized suggestions

You might find it surprising to see ads online that feature a product you were just talking about. This isn’t accidental. It’s something that the algorithm has taught the system. The algorithm can learn about everything about your preferences. This includes your purchasing bias and shopping behavior. Before thinking that this is something to worry about, there are options to turn this off. But leaving this on can help the algorithm to give you customized suggestions.

Try watching videos on TikTok. Soon enough, the app will already know about your interests. It’ll show you videos similar to the ones you previously watched by that time. Targeted ads use the same technology. This way, it’ll be easier for them to suggest things you like to buy. That’s because they’re all based on your recent purchases.

Suggests more practical choices

Aside from giving customized suggestions, targeted ads can also give you better alternatives. You might be looking into buying used cars on a social media platform. Targeted marketing will start suggesting you merchants who sell used cars too. Chances are, you might be able to see merchants who offer better deals than the one you were looking at. Or you’re maybe looking for companies that provide mortgages. You’ve found the ones you think are the most competitive. But the algorithm can suggest more competitive ones for your convenience. Targeted ads can offer more economical choices that you want to consider choosing.

Makes consumers discover something new

People discover new products more than ever, thanks to the internet. When you look at products on the internet, you’re going to see a lot of suggestions that you like. But aside from these suggestions, you’re going to be shown a lot of discoveries too. This is a way for brands to get themselves introduced to new audiences.

If they’re successful with the marketing technique, they’d have new clients. This also gives people a chance to try out new brands that they might find better than the ones they’re using. Targeted ads can help people make better purchasing decisions by exposing them to new discoveries.

Easy access to merchants

social media

Platforms have their ways to make it easier for merchants to redirect consumers to their stores. The same goes for the consumers too. Some targeted ads have buttons that people can click on to take them directly to the merchant’s store. This is a convenient way for consumers to buy products from the merchant. They won’t have to go to another webpage to perform the purchase. A survey revealed that almost 40 percent of respondents had made 1 to 25 percent of the time purchase from social media advertisements. Targeted ads’ ease of access to merchants might have contributed to these purchases.

Helps small businesses

This might be one of the most helpful help targeted ads provide people. Digital marketing isn’t easy, but they’re way cheaper because some platforms are free. One perfect example of this is social media. They’re free to use. If ever you have to pay to widen the reach of your ads, you only have to shell out minimal fees. They also have tools that you can use to view the engagement of your business account. That’s truly helpful, especially for small businesses with limited marketing financing. This also helps their targeted audiences discover them. Small businesses can have a chance to introduce their brand identity by generating ads online. They only have to let the algorithm make their ads reach the right audiences. That can mean more revenue for them too.

Targeted ads might be a concern for some. But they can still ease their concerns. On the other hand, there are still ways targeted ads can help consumers make intelligent purchasing decisions. Businesses should focus on this aspect for better digital marketing.

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