Security Devices Your Hospitality Business Should Have

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the hospitality industry. From relaxing holiday destinations, hotels became quarantine centers. On the bright side, it allowed hotels to stay in business. But it made them a high-risk place, causing travelers to hesitate lodging in them again when travel restrictions get lifted.

Your hospitality business doesn’t have to be resigned to this possibility. Instead of waiting for the pandemic to end before attracting guests again, implement new security measures now. It will increase guests’ confidence in you, please your loyal customers, and allow you to protect your establishment in ways you never did before.

The life of your business rests in your new security system. And it won’t just protect against criminals, but also against guests or customers who might’ve been dishonest about their health.

Here are the security devices you should install in your hospitality business by 2022 and beyond:

1. Thermal Camera

If you’re still using thermometer guns, it’s time to upgrade to a thermal camera. It’s useful in both security and health matters. A thermal camera detects infrared energy, which people’s body heat radiates. What’s more, it can see through the dark. So if a burglar attempts to sneak into your premises at night, your thermal camera will detect their body heat and set off your alarms (if they’re connected to each other).

And because thermal cameras detect body heat, they can also tell if a person has a fever. In this scenario, it’s best to use both a thermal camera and a thermometer gun, so you can confirm the temperature of the person who’s too hot. This is a more accurate way of checking your customers’ health. You can immediately isolate anyone with a fever, minimizing their risks of spreading a virus.

2. Video Doorman

A video doorman is a security and surveillance system used in monitoring package deliveries. As such, it’s particularly useful in condominiums, apartment buildings, and some offices. But it can benefit a hotel, too. If you accept long-term guests, a video doorman will come in handy if they frequently take visitors or expect package deliveries.

The device works this way: When a courier arrives at someone’s doorstep, they press a button on the video intercom panel installed outside the building. It will then alert a station operator, who will conduct security checks on the courier. If they cleared the courier, they will allow them entry via a remote system equipped with video and audio recorders. This lets the establishment monitor the movement of the courier, ensuring the safety of customers, guests, or tenants.

Without a doubt, this is a useful security device, as some burglars can pose as a courier. Worse, they won’t just be a burglar, but a stalker, robber, or anything worse. With a video doorman, the concierge can confirm with a guest or tenant if they’re really expecting a delivery, preventing security breaches and crime.

installing a security camera

3. Burglar Alarm

Just to be extra secure, consider installing burglar alarms on every floor of your hotel, or in every room. The staff quarters can use one, too. A burglar alarm is installed in entryways, there to detect forced entry. If a burglar breaks a window, for example, the burglar alarm will ring and alert security personnel.

There are two categories of burglar alarms: closed-circuit system and open-circuit system. In a closed-circuit system, electricity flows from one end of the circuit to the other as long as the door is closed. If someone forcibly opens the door, the flow stops, triggering the alarm.

In an open-circuit system, opening the door closes the circuit, allowing the electricity to flow. The alarm will be set off if the circuit is completed. There are also more discreet burglar alarms, like a floor mat type. When an intruder steps on the mat, the circuit completes, triggering the alarm.

Any type of burglar alarm is good for your business. Just stay on top of their maintenance to ensure that they won’t go useless.

4. Panic Button

Next time you call for an updated business alarm system installation, ask if you can get panic buttons, too. It can be installed inside a building, or worn around a person’s neck.

Panic buttons allow staff or guests to call for help in case of an emergency. It can be silent, sending the alert directly to security personnel or police. This silent feature is beneficial in scenarios where a criminal threatens a victim to keep quiet if they don’t want to get hurt. It also provides security for hotel staff who might be victimized by guests with ill intentions. And lastly, it lets staff get immediate help if a guest collapses, for example.

Though you’d never hope to hear alarms ever, security devices are indispensable in the hospitality business. You deal with strangers every day, so better be safe than sorry.

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