Key Features that Consumers Want to See in Your Website

The market changes all the time. Your consumers are growing up, having different priorities in life, and their preferences change. If you cannot adapt fast enough, then your business will suffer.

No one can predict the future, but it would help your business survive the constantly evolving market by monitoring the present trends. If you have a website, these are the features you may want to integrate to make your online space ready for the future.


Gone are the days when web designers try to cram as many features in a website as possible. Leave the clutter in the 2010s. In 2020 and beyond, consumers prefer the simple and clean minimalist look.

Minimalism is not a new concept, but it has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years. A minimalist design removes anything that is not necessary.

Your web design has a significant influence on how consumers perceive your business. They decide whether your business is trustworthy or not based on what they see on your website. In short, your website is your digital face.

If you want to appear modern, you might want to consider stripping your website to its bare bones. People nowadays do not have the time to read past the headline. You need to move in the same direction. Give your consumers every information or detail they need at a single glance.

Dark Mode

The most popular social media platforms have, one by one, started rolling out a new update that brings dark mode to every user.

The dark mode is not just a trend that is popular for aesthetic reasons. Users prefer it over the light background because it is much kinder to the eyes. On average, American adults spend as much as 12 hours a day staring at a screen. Reading white text against a dark background reduces eyestrain.

Moreover, dark mode uses less energy, especially in smartphones that have OLED and AMOLED screens.

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Augmented Reality

AR has been hyped back in the 2010s, but it was not widely adopted. Recently, however, more and more retailers have started taking advantage of the technology.

AR provides a way for online shoppers to try out a product digitally. L’Oreal, a major cosmetics company, introduced an AI-powered AR where users can virtually test makeup by opening their smartphone’s camera and pointing it to their faces. Amazon, too, introduced a similar feature.

Easy Navigation

As more people access the Internet through their mobile devices, websites will need features that are simpler and easier to use.

The buttons and links, therefore, should be visible even on the screen of a smartwatch. You want consumers to explore the website, not waste so much time trying to figure out how to arrive where they want to go. These kinds of issues will dissuade consumers, most of whom have short attention spans, from buying products and services.


People with disabilities are accessing the Internet. All websites should have accessibility features that will make browsing easier for people who have a vision impairment, are deaf, etc.

The Internet is rife with so much competition. These features may have already been implemented by your competitors. You do not want to play catch up in the future and lose your customers. Now that you are aware of these trends, the next thing you should do is to adapt.

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