How to Save Money on Gadgets You Use for Business

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably aware of how challenging it is to manage business costs. The price of running a business covers a spectrum of expenses. These include promoting your brand via digital marketing such as SEO.  That’s where you sponsor keyword-optimized content that’s searchable online.

You also need to shell out money on gadgets that your staff needs. With the former, it’s better that you do not try to scrimp. After all, it will have a direct effect on how popular your brand gets, therefore deserving of every penny you invest. As for the latter, there’s no need to spend too much if cost-cutting hacks are at your disposal. If these hacks won’t be of any detriment to your staff’s performance, they must be considered with earnestness. Wondering what money-saving strategies you can pull off concerning gadget-related business expenses? Here are some recommendations.

1. Ask for your staff’s sense of accountability

Just because they are given company-issued gadgets does not mean your staff members can be complacent with how they treat those electronics. Make sure to ask for a sense of accountability from your staff. Communicate to them that your business does not operate on infinite resources and therefore they must take care of their assigned computer, phone, or any other electronics vital to their job.

There’s no need to scare your staff with an official policy where you itemize penalties for neglected electronics. That will make you look like an authoritarian boss. Be the kind that inspires.

2. Sell or trade old gadgets in

If you have old gadgets sitting idly in the storage area, it’s time you dispose of them. And by dispose we do not mean put them in a trash bag to be hauled off by the next garbage truck that comes by. There’s money to be made from those old electronics.

You can sell or trade them in. No, you probably won’t make enough money to fund your next market research but you might just collect a sufficient amount to partially defray the cost of your next company party.

3. Look into refurbished gadgets

Buying new is not your only option. If you’re in need to update the gadgets you issue your staff, there’s no need to break the bank with tech straight off the assembly line. Consider buying refurbished gadgets to give to your employees.

For example, there are refurbished MacBooks that work as good as new. These items go through a stringent quality checking before they are sold. And they even come with a warranty. They’re definitely worth your money.

using laptop and phone

4. Consider buying secondhand electronics

Another option you have is to purchase secondhand electronics. This is most recommended to businesses that are just starting up, without too much capital to tap. Your leads extend from personal connections like friends and relatives looking to dispose of outgrown gadgets to sellers online. Remember that many tech aficionados update their arsenal of gadgets regularly to keep up with the latest models. They need buyers for their not necessarily “old” electronics.

When you opt for the latter, make sure you talk with someone reliable. Do not wire money to the first seller offering a good deal that you encounter. Do the necessary research so you do not get shortchanged.

5. Shop wisely

Wait if you must. Purchase eletronics during the Cyber Monday sale. You will be surprised with how much you can save from gadgets on sale.

Also, shop around. Compare price lists from different stores. Crosscheck between online and brick-and-mortar shop prices. Your goal is to see where you can save the most money.

6. Unplug when possible

The gadget costs your business incurs do not end at purchase. Your staff will use those electronics at the office. Yes, you will have to pay for the consequent electricity consumption. Here you should communicate to your employees that it’s necessary to unplug gadgets if possible. For example, no computers should be left turned on outside office hours.

So you do not sound like you’re being a stingy boss, talk to your employees about personal carbon footprint. That should be a viable excuse.

While it’s true that technology allows your staff to deliver their jobs better and faster, it does not mean you should always go for expensive technology. No, it does not justify exorbitant gadget-related expenses. Keep in mind that affordable does not equate to substandard.

As shown in this list, you have viable options to cut the gadget-related costs of running your business. And there’s no reason to shy away from these recommendations. Following these hacks does not make you cheap. It means your business acumen is on point. And you’re bound for success.

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