How to Increase Efficiency in Your Manufacturing Facility

Every business knows that time is money. The more time that you waste, the less money you earn. Therefore, you must find ways to enhance your business operations to get the most out of each workday. Here are some tips that you should implement in your manufacturing facilities to improve efficiency and productivity.

Assess Your Current Workflow

You need to assess your existing workflow before you make any changes. You need to see how everything runs before you can see what improvements can be made. For instance, think about your people – do they know what tasks have to be done each day, and do they have a manager to keep them on track? You should also think about the last time you mapped out your processes because you might overlook bottlenecks and pain points. You must understand the current workflow— remember: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Update Technology and Processes

Once you map out and review your workflow, you can see what technology or processes need to be changed or updated. Be sure to think about each change carefully; think about how much the total cost of ownership would be and think about how it would affect your business afterward. If the cost of ownership is initially high, it may be worth it if it solves a problem or saves you money and/or time. For instance, the heating elements in your factory may work fine, but they may cost you a lot in your utility bills. You could replace them with a new gas radiant heater to get quality results and save money.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

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If you ignore a regular maintenance schedule, you are going to slow down your operations. You are wasting precious time each time when you ignore a worn-out part or wait for equipment to break before you fix it. You can train all your operators to learn troubleshooting procedures and regular maintenance. You can use information from your workflow processes, and from the floor to decide when the best time for maintenance is, and then you can create a regular schedule.

Focus on Employees

You have to know that employee training and education never ends; even experienced employees can make mistakes or forget. Technologies are constantly evolving and your team must stay abreast with the changes. You should schedule regular training sessions and brief your employees on what they need to know and what they need to do. For instance, you should create a training schedule for all the operators when you install new equipment. However, education and training are not limited to equipment. Make sure there is excellent communication between you and your employees and that everyone understands the policies on workplace harassment.

Organize the Workspace

The best way to save time and be more productive is to reduce clutter and movement. To get optimal task efficiency, you must streamline movement. Remove unused/unneeded materials and tools from the workspace. To maximize efficiency, you can also layout the manufacturing floor. By making your workspace more organized, you will reduce production time.

You can follow these tips to help improve your company’s business operations to help you earn more profit and take your business to the next level.

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