Four SEO Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Digital- and social-first has set the stage for marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). While some practices like making content king still abound, there are new trends involving search engines that may become even more relevant in 2019.

Go Mobile First

As the times go deeper into the digital age, even the kind of devices being used has now shifted more to mobile. More customers are now on the go, and even the trends of search that an SEO company targets have started moving towards the here and now, the 24/7, and the on the go.

Mobile-first indexing has become Google’s main way of ranking and indexing searches. This has been in effect as early as March 2018, so in 2019, this will only gain even more traction for marketers and industry practitioners. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, responsive and has fast load times to enhance user experience.

User Intent Is Now at the Forefront

Gone are the days when an SEO strategy can accomplish its job by stuffing keywords into specific content. In 2019, it is highly likely that Google will be aiming to optimise content based on the intention of the user when using the search engine. Search has become even more meaningful and streamlined, as it now considers intent, especially when it factors in the use of voice search.

This added mechanism is a way for users to search more effectively instead of focusing on a truncated search that may not necessarily yield what they are looking for. What you can do is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. What do they want to see on your website?

Brand Reputation Is Still King

Hand pressing brand buttonContent is definitely still the main ingredient that powers search engine. But when it comes to relevance, brand reputation is just as important. Popularity still plays a major role but so does credibility nowadays, particularly with the advent of fake news and fake content.

When hiring SEO experts, it pays to know if they also have a background in brand building, because trustworthiness of a brand has become even more paramount to customers, regardless of industry.

Focus on Local Search Optimisation

If you are a business trying to target local customers, you must start focusing your digital marketing efforts on geo-targeting. This means delivering content to users based on their geographic location.

A highly targeted campaign such as this is very likely to rule SEO this year, as more and more consumers type ‘near me’ searches into their phones, whether they are looking for the nearest coffee shop or beauty salon. So, the closer your business is to a consumer searching for the product of service you offer, the higher the chance you will get a sale.

If you want to make sure that your brand is not left with the times, these tips should be your top priority for search this coming year. Make sure that your hired SEO company knows these basics so that their services can complement your business’ needs.

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