Creating a Smart and Secure Home Through Technology

Whether you live alone or have a family, creating a smart home is important for your convenience and safety. People are getting more and more clever in how they break into homes. Thankfully, technology has also advanced so far that you can leave for months and still feel confident about your security system.

In order to have a safe and secure home, consider getting some of these new items.

Connected Security System

There are security cameras and there are more advanced cameras that can be accessed everywhere. Your home security system can be used to monitor your home from anywhere. All you need are online apps and home internet. More advanced types have more features and can be activated or deactivated from your device.

What makes this such an attractive feature for some people is the fact that it is a closed system. There have been rumors that your voice-activated devices such as Alexa and Siri are actually listening in on your conversations. If you are the type who is worried about their privacy being breached, a close system means that you are the only one who can access the data.

If you ever need to go on a vacation and leave the house without supervision, you can also get cameras that detect movement. It sets a virtual perimeter and if someone trespasses into your property, you will be alerted as well as get a timestamp.

Motion Sensor Lights

A lot of people are finding ways to reduce their electricity consumption. But at the same time, homeowners also believe that leaving the lights on helps prevent break inbreak-ins. This can add up to high electricity bills, especially if you leave them on while abroad.

Installing motion sensor lights are a great way to prevent trespassers as well as avoid excessive energy consumption. These lights would turn on whenever they detect movement in the room. That way, you can easily spot if someone is sneaking in, and the burglar will also panic with the lights suddenly turning on.

water leak

Water Leak Detectors

Studies found that household leaks are costing the country one trillion dollars every year. Some are noticeable because you can see the stains on the wall or the dripping from the ceiling. However, other leaks occur deep within the foundation and piping. These are the kinds that can’t be seen right away and only reflect themselves through increased water bills.

You can easily identify a leak through water leak sensors. It is an advanced technology that monitors and analyzes the flow of water through the pipes. If it detects an unusual stream or behavior, it would alert you right away. When it finds something strange going on, these detectors can also shut off water flow to prevent further leakage.

Smart Locks

Keys may soon be a thing of the past. Smart locks are becoming common in home protection. Instead of keys, you can input codes and combinations. The more advanced ones rely on internet connections and apps to access them. That means you just need your phone to unlock it. No more losing your keys.

Though rare, smart locks can be hacked as well. However, what makes it a good investment is that you can contact the company and have the problem resolved. Aside from that, companies are also constantly updating their systems to avoid being compromised.

A lot of these new technologies rely on electricity. Those that rely on internet connections still need power to perform its main functions. If you are worried about how all this affects your bills, then try shopping for energy plans to find the most practical for you. This will help you save on energy and avoid hidden charges.

But most importantly, consider these smart home features to ensure the security of your property and your loved ones.


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