Business Growth: Using Technology Trends for Brand Promotion

Large companies and popular international brands incorporate modern strategies to sustain business growth and success. They take advantage of the technological tools offered by the digital era. Small business owners and startup companies can also benefit from using innovative strategies similar to those used by large brands. If you want your business to observe significant growth, you need to start adapting to the fast-paced and constantly evolving digital age. This way, your company will not only find solutions to improve your business. You will also have the opportunity to compete with existing and popular brands in the market.

The Advantage of Adapting to Technology

Technological advances provide numerous opportunities for business owners to grow and improve their existing processes. Using modern tools, they can find a way to build new strategies to increase market share, which eventually leads to significant business growth and improvement. Here are some other remarkable benefits of using technology in running a business:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity in the workplace
  • Added data protection and security
  • Easier and more accessible data storage and sharing
  • Automated business tasks
  • Improved internal and external communication

Incorporating Technology into Your Marketing Strategies

Aside from the abovementioned benefits, technology can also help you boost your marketing strategies. This means you can find modern ways to promote your brand, products, and services. The key is to learn how to invest in modern marketing tools and determine how to use them for your business. Here are some recommended tools and strategies that can help boost your marketing tactics:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence provides remarkable benefits to e-commerce. This technological tool helps marketers provide a better customer experience. It also helps decrease operational costs and boost marketing personalization. For instance, using chatbots can help you provide real-time customer support and assistance to potential clients. You can also address issues promptly, even if your employees log off from work. Another great use of AI is providing better results for customers whenever they use voice or visual search.

Analytical tools

Dealing with big data is a common task for business owners. If you want to come up with the best marketing strategies, you need to know how to gather and analyze useful data for your business. The good thing is, there are automated and analytical tools that you can use to process data, including customer information and data about competitor strategies and performance.

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Email marketing

Modern email marketing involves sending out useful and valuable information to potential customers. In the past, emails are only used to sell products to customers directly. Now, marketers are using smart tactics that slowly entice customers to check brands. Instead of directly marketing products, marketers can use emails to formally introduce their brand using visually-appealing content that potential clients will appreciate.

Social media stories

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat helped many small business owners raise brand awareness to potential customers. Besides posting on social media pages, you also need to start taking advantage of social media stories. This is especially true if you want to target the younger generation.

Personalized outdoor marketing

Traditional marketing such as giving out flyers or putting up posters no longer attract too much attention from customers. However, this doesn’t mean that you should forget about implementing traditional methods such as outdoor digital advertising. Keep in mind that billboards are still effective nowadays. You need to ensure that the location of your ads is placed appropriately. This means you have to place the ads in a place where your target market usually pass by. Also, you need to create impressive and visually-appealing marketing copies to ensure you can get their attention.

Virtual reality

One of the most advanced technological advances that you can apply to your business is virtual reality tools. With this, you can provide opportunities for potential clients to have a real-time product experience. For instance, if you are selling home furniture, you can let interested shoppers visualize how the items will look like on their residential properties. With this, they will be more interested in checking out your brand and eventually make a purchase.

Staying updated with the latest technologies and marketing trends will help your startup company or small business keeps up with other brands. As long as you know how to incorporate the right technologies, your marketing strategies and other aspects of your business will remain successful. Invest in getting the most useful tools similar to the ones mentioned above, so you can start boosting your existing tactics. Don’t forget to train your team, so they also develop new skills and learn about modern marketing technology trends and information.

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