Building a Stable Business with Corporate Clients

Events of 2020 have proven how catering to individuals can be disastrous for most businesses. Smaller businesses collapsed but corporations even increased their revenues. Follow the money and make your business cater to other businesses and corporations.

Custom Merchandise and Trinkets

Selling individual merchandise can involve a lot of work — especially if your company focuses on custom items. Individuals are less likely to order dozens of the same items compared to just buying one or two. On the other hand, corporations are known to order massive quantities of items — either for giveaways or advertising. Engraving mugs with a laser engraver will require constant revisions and adjustments if you cater to the normal market. Stamping a logo on hundreds of items is easier and corporations are less stingy with money. Talk to managers and team leaders and offer custom team logos aside from the usual company markings.

Packaging is usually one of the biggest earners. Companies require hundreds of thousands if not millions of boxes. With heavy-duty die cutters and heavy-duty hot foil stamping machines for labeling, you could be earning millions within a year or two.

Carpool Programs

car driver

Driving an Uber can be frustrating — but what if you can earn more money while driving fewer hours? Most companies encourage carpool programs — particularly ones that have environmental advocacies. Any large vehicle will do, but minivans with swivel seats and reclining chairs could keep clients happier. Go electric if you want to highlight your environmental awareness and efforts to address climate change. Headrest monitors are optional, but make sure your vehicle has adequate WiFi. Bring a few power banks so your passengers can charge their phones and everyone should be content.

Your trips should be faster than usual, as almost every state allows vehicles with more than 3 passengers free use of expressways and high-occupancy lanes. If trips last for more than 2 hours, upgrade your shocks so your passengers can relax and get some sleep on their way home.

Shared Office Spaces

Large corporations are cutting their overheads by housing teams of workers into shared office spaces. Although investment in a coworking space can require a bit of money, it should pay for itself in 2-3 years if you have stable corporate clients. Large coworking spaces with 50 or more capacity are almost always guaranteed to make money. Consider partitioning off sections of office space to provide a bit of privacy for teams working together, or in cases when a company requires secrecy.

Most corporations sign long-term leases for coworking space slots — often relying on high-capacity spaces, so they can keep their teams working together in one place. Coworking spaces are easy to manage, especially if you partner with existing brands. Most brands will handle daily operations, and you can just wait for the monthly earnings while going about your day.

Lawn Care

lawn care

Caring for individual lawns makes so little money, only children with free time often take the job. However, profits can increase exponentially if you change the scope of the job. Commercial spaces and parks often need regular lawn care and maintenance. Tourist destinations and public parks will often shell out big money for lawn care, but the big money is in golf courses.

Golf green requires maintenance at least five days a week. Most golf courses will often hire different individuals to maintain certain areas on the course, and most golf courses are lacking in personnel. The work can be extensive, but the pay allows you to expand your operations in just a couple of months. Most lawn care businesses don’t require an office, and initial startup costs can go for as low as $20,000.

Heavy Machinery

Working with cars is often difficult. Various models are turning up every year, and improvements and changes will require constant research and training. Clients can be stiff with money, and arguments are normal in the business. On the other hand, heavy machinery is usually built using the same standards — learn to fix one crane and you should be able to fix any other type and model.

Heavy machinery can require a bit more work to repair — but construction companies are more than willing to pay premium prices just to avoid missing a deadline. Your crew will require a few months of additional training, but the extra time and effort should more than double your profits.

Follow the money and opt for a business that targets corporations. Think out of the box and find ways to make big corporations support your endeavors.

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