How to Use Social Listening to Improve Your Site’s Search Ranking

Having a user-friendly website and using the right keywords were, for a long time, the basic elements of a high spot on search engines. Well, this is not the case anymore. Technology changes regularly and with it, the needs of consumers. Now, Google also evaluates the human factor on websites when ranking them. As such, search engine optimization (SEO) has become intertwined with other marketing tactics to lend a human-like feel to your digital marketing.

One of the tactics an SEO services firm in Raleigh, NC will advise you to employ in this venture is social listening. This describes the use of social media monitoring tools to assess what clients are saying and find keywords and content that will draw them to your site and help you connect with them. The following are some of the guidelines on using social media listening to improve your SEO.

Turn Brand Mention Into Links

Link building is a core SEO strategy. If your brand has had any online exposure, you are sure to find a few mentions on it somewhere on blogs, news sites or forums. Once you find it, approach the writer about creating a link in the article to your site. Finding your brand’s linkless mention, however, is not an easy feat in today’s marketing spheres. It requires the careful selection of an ideal social listening tool since not all of them will suffice.

Look for Guest Blogging Opportunities

guest blogging

Guest blogging remains one of the best strategies for organic link building. Other than link building, it is guaranteed to build your site’s online reputation. With social listening, you can find even the blogs that are not so famous but cater to a loyal small audience, which is guaranteed to invest in your brand. Most tools will require you to type in relevant keywords for your industry to access all the blogs are connected to it in even the remotest way.

Monitor Your Brand Mentions

There was a time when brands assumed that even negative publicity was still publicity and hence guaranteed to get them noticed among online clients. While this might work for some elements, it hurts your search engine position. This is because Google is now focused on the positive experience of customers on your site. A negative comment could have you at the bottom of search engines in no time. Use social listening to assess negative sentiments surrounding your brand and deal with them before Google notices.

Grow Your Brand Mentions

Social listening tools will allow you to keep track of the platforms that have the highest mentions of your brand. This, in turn, will enable you to pick the best platforms and methods of reaching your biggest online audience. By growing your brand mentions on relevant platforms, you boost the number of visitors trooping to your site.

Most companies pay little attention to social media because they know that it has no direct impact on their search engine position. But these strategies will allow you to harness social media listening to boost your overall rank on search engines. They nevertheless require expertise and the best tools to generate positive results.

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