Digital Marketing in 2020: Trends You Should Follow

Digital marketing continually changes and evolves. Some of the methods you used years ago are probably considered outdated now. These practices likely include focusing on quantity rather than quality and valuing clicks more than conversions. To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to employ new and fresh methods to attract customers and retain loyal ones.

Whether your business is in Chicago attracting international customers or in Canada reaching out to a U.S. audience, here are 2020’s latest digital marketing trends worth following.

Shoot for Snippets

When it comes to content, you shouldn’t just shoot for the first ranking on Google. Set your goals on being the featured snippet. The snippet is a single search result, in a list of others, that contains the best matches of the query. It’s an extract of content on your website and provides the most relevant information about what the user is searching.

An established search engine optimization firm will help you shoot for snippets. The professional marketing service will optimize content on your website, making sure each page contains relevant information your target customers use.

Embrace Conversational Marketing

The common sales funnel in digital marketing often involves a customer landing on your website, reading your content, and filling out your contact form if they’re interested in what you offer. Then, they’ll become a lead that you’ll engage further with outreach emails and calls. This goes on until you land that sweet, sweet sales deal.

This may prove to be long journey that customers have to go through just to buy your products and services. Conversational marketing disrupts and shortens this process by using intelligent chatbots to instantly engage people on your landing page.

These bots can be trained to learn different questions and respond to them instantly with pre-programmed answers. This way, customers don’t have to wait for hours to days just to get a response to their inquiry.

Fast answers lead to fast purchasing decisions, which is always beneficial for your business and its customers. This is why over 90 percent of consumers prefer instant messaging when communicating with businesses.

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Let Your Posts Do the Selling

Ever scrolled through your timeline and found an item you’ve always wanted so much that you wish you could reach into the screen to get it? Technology hasn’t gotten to that point yet, but it’s close! Social media platforms, like Instagram, now allow customers to buy products directly from a brand’s photo posts. All the consumer has to do is tap on the shoppable post to view a pop-up caption product’s name and price, and tap on the caption to add it to their cart.

E-commerce platforms, like Shopify, also offer plugins that mimic this feature. More than half of customers use social media when researching the products they want to buy. Why not shorten the buying process by encouraging them to purchase your products in a few taps or clicks after making their final decision?

When it comes to digital marketing, you need to be on the cutting edge. Or you risk falling behind the competition. These latest trends provide fresh and innovative ways to engage with your customers. Implement them properly, and you’re sure to reel in quality leads.

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